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March 2019

Since 2014, my blog has followed my progress and process on my journey to grow as a visual artist. In March of 2019, I’m still in the midst of this adventure and, gladly, I don’t see it ending soon.

Currently, I am committed to drawing every day – generally about 30 minutes and usually observational drawing. I typically begin in my sketchbook either with an exercise or something fairly quick and then I move on to a drawing that I post to Instagram. Last year my focus was on playing with different media and different papers to find my favourite combinations and to finally try all of those art supplies I’ve been buying for years but haven’t used. This year I will be continuing to be experimental when I feel like it, but also try to focus on fewer mediums and papers. I’d like to try to develop more depth than breadth if I can.

I try to spend time painting on the weekends and usually I do, but not as consistently as I would like to. My medium of choice is oil paint, although I sometimes pick up my acrylic paints for backgrounds or just for a change. I have a set of watercolours and a selection of gouache colours that I hope to return to at some point.

I continue my practice of art in order to develop my artistic skills and to experiment. I want to learn and I want to play. I want to see if a personal artistic style will emerge and what that might look like. I want to record where I’ve come from and even more of where I’m going. I intend to explore new styles and techniques, mediums and ideas. I want to be prolific – or as prolific as I can be fitted into a life that includes a husband, two teenage kids, a full-time job and friends and hobbies that are all very important to me. I want to develop my ability to notice – to notice colours and relationships and textures and the visual beauty in the commonplace. And then I want to portray that in my art if I am able. It will be a visual adventure and I will document and accumulate some of the evidence on my blog in posts every three or four weeks and I welcome any feedback along the way. I’m looking forward to seeing what unfolds.

2019 Blog Plan:


17 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Bonjour Susanne

    Vaguely interesting is an understatement. You have and are capturing your life through a lens in such an original and inspring way. At first l felt a little uncomfortable sharing your families life but very soon relaxed and began to really enjoy sharing your journey.

    Your photographs are simply devine. Your artwork, the still life and nudes are lovely. I particularly like the way we follow your progress at Red deer.

    Your other half and the kids must be very supportive – so necessary for your project.

    I’m hooked and will be tuning into you every week.

    Thank you for sharing


    P.S. Love your desk – Sudoku, iPhone, novel and of course, a glass of the redstuff;


  2. Thank you for the kind comments. It’s (relatively) easy to publish posts week after week, always thinking about how it may be received or what it may convey in a general sense, but without actually really getting a sense of people’s specific impressions (outside of family and close-friends). I really appreciate the time you have taken to take a look and offer your insight – it is very valuable to me. Connection is very important – I will certainly be checking in on your work frequently as well.

    Take care.


  3. I like your candid ‘About.’ I too have a husband, two kids and a job (sort of I’m a substitute teacher so I can always say no to a job – but I don’t and I give children’s art lessons). I understand what it is to try to create art while life must also be tended to…it’s clear you enjoy your family and that’s the real art. I do look forward to checking out your blog.
    AnnMarie 🙂


  4. I suppose it’s better to have too many interests than not enough to fill the time. I will definitely keep an eye on what you are doing too. You sound very brave having survived (and kept alive) your kids into their teen years – and still love kids enough to want to spend time teaching them. It sounds like your life is very full as well!


  5. Suzi, whenever I check in to see your blog I’m utterly amazed; not just by your artwork, but also by your persistence & discipline as you hone your craft & follow your muse. Thank you for sharing your art & your process. I loved seeing & reading about your photographs. And now I have the priviledge of watching your drawing & painting as your creations evolve. You inspire me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Maureen! I appreciate your support and I’m glad to hear that you find what I do inspiring. I’m pretty sure that it is often just my stubbornness that keeps me going on this path. And that quiet, little voice inside that whispers to me to just keep going and eventually I will understand why.


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