“There is intelligence when you are not afraid. “ – Bruce Lee

So I’m only two months behind in posting my daily artwork. I hope to be caught up by the end of the summer and back on track for the fall – I figure a global pandemic should warrant leniency. Above are my daily drawings / paintings from May – a bit of a scattered mess really – and so it is appropriate that I provide a scattered mess of thoughts about them.

It was another month where I didn’t feel all that inspired, but kept at it regardless and found myself playing with materials to make things more interesting. My peppers on May 3 were done in gouache – a medium that I haven’t used for many years, but nevertheless had in a drawer and enjoyed working with again. May 7 I found myself combining grey scale markers, a dull pencil and watercolours. It’s an odd combination, but I kind of like it and the strange mix of textures. My impulse online pandemic shopping included the Gamblin Reclaimed Earth Colours (how could I NOT buy them – they are limited edition and really pretty!) and for my May 9 painting I wanted to work with the Rust Red. I like the palette I used in this painting and may revisit it again at some point. Sadly it reminded me of Starbuck’s Lemon Raspberry Loaf that I haven’t seen for quite some time. My May 10 ultra green pears were a combination of pigment pen, brush and ink and watercolour. I came very close to not drawing at all on May 16 – somehow life was just overwhelming that day – but instead I experimented with the Procreate app and an Apple Pencil and ended up with this odd chair drawing. I definitely have a lot to learn about this medium – perhaps I will delve further into it at some point. May 17 was the first painting in my series documenting the very short life of the tulips near my front steps that I inadvertently planted in sub-optimal sunlight conditions. I spent more time playing with water colour this month – on the 18 and 20. May 21 is my abstracted rendition of the Alberta Gallery of Art – a building fashioned of large undulating swathes of metal. Can you tell I was reading about Lawren Harris on May 22? More tulips on the 24 and 16 – these were the early days when they were still young and alive (no spoilers – really). I have always loved rendering fabric and I did so with a varying degree of detail on the 25 and 27. May 29 may become a painting – I like the strong line of the profile I referenced from Antonio Pollaiualo’s Portrait of a Lady and the de-emphasis of the details of the face. Back to markers for the last two days of the month mainly because they are quick and fun to use. 

All in all it was a haphazard month, but I made it through and didn’t miss a day. Sometimes I sit down to draw and it feels like such a chore and I wonder what the point is, but I push myself to follow through and just do it. Sometimes on those days I walk away afterwards feeling like all I accomplished was checking a box – only to return the next day and think “hey – that’s kind of cool, I need to do something like that again!” Of course other days I come back and wonder what I was thinking, inclined to crumple it into a ball and forget I had bothered. And none of that matters really. What matters is to come back. Over and over. And eventually what I draw will become something I’m proud of.

Thanks for checking out my work. Come back soon to see how June and July went.

College Artwork

February 25, 2014

Having had no opportunity to paint this past week I have no new artwork for my blog. Instead I am posting artwork that I created in college while I was studying graphic design. After storing these pieces for years, moving from one place to another, about ten years ago I decided to photograph the ones I liked and to toss the originals. Sadly, what I thought were good photos at the time were very mediocre. And some of the dates are best guesses – as are most of the dimensions. Most of these were done as specific assignments – some quite obviously. Other’s not so much. Clearly I preferred some mediums far more than others. And maybe one day I’ll gain some rudimentary skill with watercolour – or not. And that’s ok. It is what it is.

Benetton Wasteland
Benetton Wasteland, Apr 1990, Watercolour & Gouache on Illustration Board, 24″ X 19″

Too Late Already
Too Late Already, Mar 1990, Silkscreen on Mayfair, 20″ X 24″


Single Family
Single Family, Feb 1990, Tech Pen on Illustration Board, 26″ X 12″

Not the Red Planet
Not the Red Planet, Nov 1989, Watercolour & Gouache on Mayfair, 14″ X 14″

Timeless, Oct 1989, Tech Pen on Illustration Board, 24″ X 20″

The Ultimate Driving Experience
The Ultimate Driving Experience, Oct 1989, Coloured Pencil, Marker & Inkjet on Paper, 8.5″ X 11″

Eleventh Hour
Eleventh Hour, Mar 1989, Gouache on Mayfair, 15″ X 18″

Fashion Bits
Fashion Bits, Feb 1989, Gouache on Mayfair, 8″ X 16″

Pentax K-1000
Pentax K-1000, Jan 1989, Tech Pen & Ink on Illustration Board, 18″ X 13.5″


Life Drawing Sketch
Life Drawing Sketch, Dec 1988, Vine Charcoal on Newsprint, 20″ X 24″


Life Drawing Sketch
Life Drawing Sketch, Nov 1988, Vine Charcoal on Cartridge Paper, 20″ X 24″


Life Drawing Sketch
Life Drawing Sketch, Oct 1988, Vine Charcoal on Newsprint, 24″ X 20″

Life Drawing Sketch
Life Drawing Sketch, Sep 1988, Vine Charcoal on Newsprint, 24″ X 20″