Round Two

Second in a series of “Fruit Lit Harshly and Viewed From Above” – mainly due to the fact that the only convenient spot I have to set up my still lives is a fairly low platform-like piece of furniture lit with a lamp late at night. Like anything else, at the beginning of something the most important thing is to show up … and try not to wince at the result.

I think one of the mistakes I made here was to allow black onto my palette. The first painting instruction I received was very classical in style, taught by a Roman Catholic nun at a the local convent and she would emphasize that black paint formed the equivalent of a black hole in a painting and sucked the eye in at the detriment of everything else – and I still agree. Secondly, was that I overworked both my colours and my brushstrokes. I find acrylics challenging because I so much want to mix colour with my brush and on the canvas, although I know that only leads to disappointment. I find the paint dries much too quickly at times and then at other times it just seems to take forever. But it’s all about learning these lessons one by one.

I really love my Masterson Sta Wet Palette. To think that a layer of sponge underneath a paper palette can keep the paints moist and workable without the need to constantly spritz them with water is really pretty cool. I didn’t think it would work, and I have been completely surprised and impressed at how well it does work.

My plan is to develop a habit of putting in the time and effort and trying to let go of the end result and learn from the process. To move from the energy and anxiety of the beginning listening to Brand New, through to the slow-paced, middle parts while resorting to The Lumineers and then finally, at the end, back to my standby of old Leonard Cohen music to finish. Then to take a step back, survey my work, resolve what I can and walk away, clean my brushes and go to bed – to come back next time and start again. Stay tuned.

26 May 2013 Pears

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