Liebster Award

Thank you to the very talented Zanghah for nominating me for this award! Check our her blog here and enjoy her work and insights for yourself. Stay tuned for my answers, nominations and questions….

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My friend Jordan Kirian, a wonderful and talented writer and comedian, nominated me for the Liebster Award. The award was created to give recognition to bloggers who have less than 200 followers but shows potential for growth. I am deeply touched by the nomination because it made me feel like I am officially part of the awesome blogging community here (single tear drop). I can’t thank Jordan enough for nominating this young blog and for all his words of support throughout my art adventures.

First and foremost, check out Jordan’s blog here: When I first stumbled onto Jordan’s Blogalong Extravaganza, I was immediately hooked by his sharp and honest writing covering a myriad of topics as well as his short fiction that all are tied together by his keen insights, fearlessness and humour. He will have you entertained from beginning to end and then you might…

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