Buy These Shoes

Oil painting of a girl, a guy and a pair of shoes

Buy These Shoes, Jun 1988, Oil on Canvas, 34” X 46″

Title: Buy These Shoes
Completed: June 1988
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 34″ X 46″

I painted this painting in high school from a Reeboks ad. It still hangs in my bedroom even though the canvas stretching and framing of the painting were all very mediocre. I don’t remember Reeboks actually looking like these shoes – either my memory is poor or the likeness is – can’t say which anymore. I love parts of this painting – and cringe at other parts – which is still true of most of my work that I do now.

And while we’re checking out artwork from high school, why not add this drawing:

American Gloves

American Gloves, Jan 1988, Graphite on Cartridge Paper, 13″ X 14″

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