“Art begins with resistance — at the point where resistance is overcome. No human masterpiece has ever been created without great labour.” – André Gide

February 22, 2016

Seven Apples WIP, Feb 20, 2016, Mixed Media on Canvas, 48" X 36"
Seven Apples WIP, Feb 20, 2016, Mixed Media on Canvas, 48″ X 36″

Here’s the new painting on my easel. I had taken photos of fruit right after Christmas and had picked two images to paint early in the new year – prepping both canvases at the same time. I thought that if I had two larger paintings going at once, if I got bored or stuck working on one, I’d just move to the other. My unfinished still life with the red apple is annoying me currently, so I started looking at this one and was not as interested as painting it as I had been back in January. To make it more interesting I have decided to play a little. I am working with book paper and transparency in the background and simplifying the gradation of the images throughout. I’ve converted the image to black and white in Photoshop and then posterized it to five tones of grey plus black and white. It’s still early on and I may change it entirely before the end, but here’s the beginning of the image. Any comments are welcome.

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