“It’s a new breakthrough, it’s an old breakdown.” ~ Round of Blues, Shawn Colvin

July 2, 2014

To commemorate Canada Day I stayed up late working on this bit of paint on canvas. Visited the Art Gallery of Alberta as they had free admission for the holiday and felt creatively inspired seeing the exhibition commemorating 90 years of the Art Gallery’s existence in Edmonton. I was feeling patriotic and proud to see such amazing works of Canadian artists on display.

As I’m on vacation from work I figured I had better take advantage of the opportunity and paint as much as I can. I’ve been feeling too comfortable (read: bored) with the monochromatic pears on squares, so although I was intimidated by this image, I decided that risk equals return and although I may fail big, I had better step outside my comfort zone and try something new. Here’s my lovely little curly bamboo stalk. I brought this little guy home from his surrogate home at Ikea pretty much two years ago – although it feels like yesterday. He’s been diligently growing new leaves and continuing his spiral journey towards the sky (aka the ceiling of our office/studio/bonus room – but let’s not rain on his parade just yet…). I’m not sure if the yellow leaves are normal or a sign that I’m a negligent caretaker… If my memory serves me, I believe I have watered him at least once since he came home…


Curly Bamboo
Curly Bamboo, Jul 1, 2014, Oil on Canvas, 13.5″ X 17″

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