“anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you” – David Whyte

March 30, 2015

No painting done this weekend. Instead I enjoyed a lovely family ski trip to Banff with friends. The weather was warm and the snow was still great for spring skiing. I’m looking forward to the Easter long weekend and some quality time in my studio.

In the meantime, here are a couple of drawings I did this week. I’m still making a point of drawing everyday – even if the result is not something I’m proud of. I tell myself that if nothing else, I am gaining practice at being able to switch into that state of mind where art happens – I consider it an almost meditative sort of focus. Often I feel that I am too busy to take the time out to draw, but with my determination to spend time at it daily, I usually find that once I start I am able to stop thinking about time and what I still have to do and actually get out of my head and onto the paper and to enjoy it.

2015 03 25 Oranges
Oranges, Mar 25, 2015, Pen on Paper, 8″ X 10″


Ski Mitts
Ski Mitts, Mar 29, 2015, Pen on Paper, 10″ X 8″





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